5 Key Christmas Hangover’s to Avoid this Holiday Season

We spend eleven months of the year exercising, meditating and investing in our body and soul. Why then is it that each December during the lead up to Christmas we let all of our hard work throughout the year unravel?

Having clarity about your greater goals and keeping them in sight is the key to not only ensure the months after Christmas aren’t wasted getting yourself back on track, but will also mean you’re better poised to start 2017 off right.

The first step towards a better life means focusing on educating, challenging and empowering yourself to achieve clarity in what you want and how you plan to get there. December is the perfect time to reflect and do just that. That’s why we’re launching a new series to highlight the 5 key Christmas hangovers, and how to avoid them or at least reduce their impact!

Check back next week for an updated Christmas Hangover and Hangover Cures!

Hangover #1: A Hangover from Too Much Christmas Cheer

No surprises here, we all know there are plenty more opportunities to over indulge during the holidays. Christmas time often means non-stop social occasions with friends, families, and work colleagues, as everyone tries to catch up and touch base in the lead up to Christmas Day. While it’s great to reconnect with friends and family, it is beneficial to remember that too much Christmas cheer, is absolutely a thing.

Hangover Cures:

  1. Remember to hydrate: Before you know it the evening is over and you have passed on every glass of water. As good practice, alternate between one alcohol drink and one glass of water. This way, you’ll slow down your alcohol consumption, and prevent your body from becoming too dehydrated.
  2. Pace yourself: Not just for the evening but for the number of events, both planned and impromptu, in your calendar. Too many events can quickly lead to extra stress. Know what you can handle and don’t over commit!
  3. Balance your enjoyment of the night: It’s easy to get carried away when you’re having a good time. Always remember to balance how you’re feeling in the moment, with how you want to feel the next day.

Now far be it for me to say I always get this right, but having a greater goal and keeping track of where you are at, will help keep you in check!

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