Hangover #5: The Hangover from Too Much Christmas Spending

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December 21, 2016
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February 1, 2017

During the lead up to Christmas we’re taking time to highlight 5 key Christmas hangovers—and how to avoid them—to jump start your journey to a better ‘you’ in 2017!

If you missed hangover #1, #2, #3 or #4 be sure to check them out, too!

The Hangover from Too Much Christmas Spending
It is so incredibly easy to get carried away with spending. Our budgets are already stretched with the numerous social occasions, that we attend or host. Some of us may travel and then of course there are the presents and nothing says ‘I love you’ like a hefty price tag (wrong!). Don’t have a money, or credit card blow out that takes you months or years to get over.


Hangover Cures:

  • Set a budget, I know that sounds rather boring, but if you set a limit on what you are going to spend for each occasion and stick to it. Leave the plastic at home and take cash, that will make it easier to stop when you have reached your limit.
  • Write a list, who are you buying presents for and set a budget, think about what they would like, before you hit the shops. If you know what you are looking for it is easy to stay on track. Plan throughout the year and pick up the bargains before December.
  • It really is the thought and your time that counts. Nothing really says I love you more than giving someone your time, it’s the one thing that we all seem to have way too little of. Spend your time in a way that suits them, this does not need to blow your budget, but with a little thought, you can plan the perfect (inexpensive) Christmas gift.

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