Charlotte Kelly

What advice would you give to other women facing major life events or choices?

"I’d like to make other girls who have been through bad-times, maybe dropped out of school, realise that life has not ended. I feel devastated when I meet young girls who feel like their life is destroyed and they have nothing because of their teenage years. I want to give them hope and let them see they can get through this and have a better life. I would also say, find what you are passionate about – Life becomes so much more fun when you start doing things for passion! "

Trigger warning: this story contains sensitive content which may distress some readers.

Charlotte has chosen to share her story, primarily to inspire and give hope to young women who may not see a way forward for themselves. Charlotte knows this feeling only too well, how dark it can be as a young girl and teenager, feeling overwhelming despair and depression. Charlotte also wants to inspire the Mums out there looking to create and run their own business.

Charlotte is the founder of From Earth. From Earth specialises in providing natural and organic skincare and a range of herbal teas. Charlotte loves what she does, and feels like this is what I was born to do, giving her the energy to work at her business long after her children have gone to bed. It doesn’t feel like work, when you are doing what you love. Charlotte believes her products change lives, as they are organic and don't play with your hormones or give you cancer.

From Earth Official Website
Charlotte Kelly's From Earth Facebook Page
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