12pm-4.30pm Saturday, 29th Jul 2017
3/306 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

A workshop with like minded women to focus you on your life and your money. Do you want financial control and independence? Do you want to get your life back? Is it time to build a better future?

Most women in Australia will be surviving on little more than the pension. They are financially dependent on their relationship and while we all hope for the best, do you want to wake up one day and realise you have ran out of choices?

Note: You will be charged $73.95 at 5PM on the day after the Choose Your Life Workshop. If you are not fully satisfied with the Workshop, let us know on the day before 5pm and you won't be charged for attending the event!

Countdown to Choose Your Life









Do You Want To:

• Make 2017 the year you take back control, so that you can finally live the life you want to be living?

• Start (or continue) your financial education and understand how you can build personal wealth?

• Develop a tribe that supports you, not just for today, but throughout your journey?

• Create a plan for an empowered life, with clear priorities and actions to get you to where you want to go?

• Understand what has stopped you in the past, and develop strategies to address what has been holding you back?

What's The Workshop About?

It’s a day for women to choose to reconnect with who they are and who they want to be.

It’s a day for women to choose to invest in themselves, take control of their future and feel supported by like minded women.

It’s a day for women to choose to become financially independent, through financial education and understanding what is truly possible.

Lastly, it’s a day for women to choose to live an empowered life and take control of where they are today and where they want to go.

Are you ready to choose your life?

Workshop Inclusions

The Choose Your Life 4 Hour Workshop has been designed to give you the tools, framework and strategies so that you can get back in the driver's seat of YOUR life. This includes:

• A framework and plan to support the ongoing development of your future.

• Assistance in developing actionable priorities to choose your life, TODAY.

• An invitation to join a private Facebook group where you can connect with your new tribe and provide support to each other. Kerry and the Life You Choose Tribe, will be there to answer questions, offer advice, and provide extra support throughout the year.

• A chance to meet like-minded women who, like you, are passionate about living their greatest life and having the money to do so, with no apology for who they are and what they want to achieve.

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