Education & Your Tribe


Ongoing education & your tribe, is critical for all of us in life, work and business. The resources on these pages are here because they have provided us with value, women who have inspired us with their stories, or our tribe who hae helped teach or support us professionally or personally.

Believing you need to make it through this world alone is the first thing you need to change. The difference between surviving and thriving (and everything in between), is sometimes a paper, a book, your tribe including coaching or other professional services.

When we are sick we go to a doctor (or we know we should!), if we want to fast track our fitness we go to a gym or a personal trainer, so why don’t we take care of our Life, Work & Money in the same way?

Take the time to answer our survey, we believe that it is important to live a life you love, to have goals and to have money for now and in the future. We would like to get an understanding how women feel about these topics too, so we can make sure we focus on what is important to you!

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