Hangover #2: A Hangover from Too Much Christmas Feasting

During the lead up to Christmas we’re taking time to highlight 5 key Christmas hangovers—and how to avoid them—to jump start your journey to choose your ‘you’ in 2017!

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Hangover #2: A Hangover from Too Much Christmas Feasting

Most social occasions involve food and this time of year we feel the need to indulge even more than we may usually. Holiday food tends to be both laid on and often not having the healthiest of options. We express our love through chocolate, ham, nibbles and BBQs. While all the desserts and treats this time of year can be delicious, it’s important to not over-indulge at the many opportunities we may have.

Hangover Cures:

  • Provide and look for healthy options, most of us know what they are, but we tend to think, well its Christmas* *insert December, # occasion, whatever we want to put in, to justify our over indulgence.
  • Have a little healthy something before you arrive, turning up to an event where the food is laid on, in a hungry state, is just like going to the supermarket on an empty stomach. You will end up with way too much and probably eat things you wouldn’t ordinarily.
  • Pace yourself, give your stomach time to signal, that it’s not really that hungry anymore, before filling up another plate.

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