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Life You Choose Live Workshop

Downloadable eBook: The 5 Reasons

Why do we have to choose between money and …….

Every day we are bombarded with images of the fantastic lives of the rich and famous, or images of our friends and family leading what looks like fabulous lives. We have these fabulous lives on social media (they are not real, I hope you know that?), where we go on fantastic holidays, we buy shiny new cars, we have fabulous outfits.

But when it comes to actually talking about money, how to make money, the importance of financial independence and how to protect and grow our assets and money, the discussion takes a rather downhill turn. It seems that while we have no qualms in flaunting how we waste (sorry did I say waste, actually no not sorry), or spend our hard earned cash, having a real conversation about how to have money now and in our future, seems a bit of a dirty conversation! 

This eBook delves into the 5 reasons why 95% of women won’t create the wealth they need!

Life You Choose Live Workshop - Client Review

The Vault of Knowledge

What Our Clients Have to Say

Kerry's weekend workshops are amazing! I learnt so much and it has encouraged me to make small changes that can have a big impact. Kerry is not only passionate about women understanding their financial future... Cannot recommend her workshops enough!
Tameika Lovell
From Australia
Kerry changes women's lives. Ohhh how I wish I had of met Kerry years ago and learned all she has to offer in building a life of wealth and choice.
Jude Donovan
From Australia
Over the years I have never felt confident or comfortable with the biased paid investment advice I have received. This is the first time I felt the content was on point and provided clear pros and cons - the workshop armed me with the confidence to take control and make my own decisions.
Meryl Fernandes
From Australia
I've referred many of my female clients to Kerry. The aha moments abouth how to take control of their long term financial well being has been transformative.
Michelle Redfern
From Australia

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Women earn less, do more unpaid work, leave work earlier, end up with less superannuation and live longer. We must take control of our lives and money.