Are you so different from our teenagers? Or is it time that you got grittier too….

Is it time to stop judging our teenagers and ask yourself ‘are you so different’?

As a parent of a teenager, I am sure there are a large percentage of us that have participated in parent teacher interviews listening to comments like ‘easily distracted’ ‘not reaching potential’ ‘needs to be more consistent in focusing on their work’. As parents we then work out strategies to keep them on focused, trying to maximise their potential and make sure they don’t sabotage their future learning.
But the reality is, if we take a closer look, we should really see our own reflection. When you think about your passion and your life goals (do you have them?), ask yourself:
1. Are you easily distracted, busy doing other less important things?
2. Are you reaching your potential?
3. Does your effort need to be more consistent?

Angela Lee Duckworth’s Ted Talk talks about what separates successful students from those who struggle and it’s not IQ. It’s this thing called ‘grit’ those that keep persevering towards the future that they truly want.

It is about the marathon of life, not a sprint, remember your passion and keep persevering!

So what is your passion? What are your life goals? Do you have a game plan? And do you really have grit and a growth mindset?

Grit, Goals & Game-Plan! Is it time that you got grittier too?

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