The Road to Life Empowerment or How to Live Your Greatest Life…….

We start out in life feeling like we have all the time in the world and if we are lucky we get through our childhood years, reasonably unscathed and dreaming of the day when we can do what we want. Becoming an adult was the promise of living life how we chose, doing whatever, whenever we pleased. Somewhere along the line, reality sets in and a great number of us have settled, we feel trapped by the day-to-day demands of our lives, our work and our commitments to others. What if life doesn’t need to feel like this? What if your life could be reinvented?

What is your greatest dream? Your greatest life?

When we are young it does feel like we have all the time in the world, but the older we get the less it feels like that. Life is far too short and to not live a life that you love, to settle for a lesser life, to not choose the you that you dreamed of, well that is such a waste, not just for you, but for everyone in your life. The world needs your greatness and you owe it to yourself to make that happen.  Do you feel like you are living your greatest life? Do you have a dream that scares you and if not then are you really aiming high enough?

Remember though it is your life and your dream, not someone else’s expectations, yours. It’s the life that you choose..

It’s not a life based on everyone else’s demands, wants or needs. So how do you get on the road to your life empowerment? Well it, has four key pillars:

  • Clarity –you need to know your life’s purpose, what gives your life meaning and you need to set goals and establish a path for the future.
  • Capacity- do you have the belief, the desire, and energy to support your journey to achieve your goals.
  • Confidence-have you got strategies to educate yourself, to gain experience and find your tribe, to support your life goals and achieve financial independence.
  • Consistency-work to develop the behaviours, and discipline to form long-lasting habits that make sure you will experience success in all aspects of your life, over an extended period.

Developing your clarity, capacity, confidence & consistency, will enable you to have the courage to live your greatest life. 

It is what we do consistently, every single day, that will lead to the greatest YOU, even the smallest steps forward, can get you there if you are consistent. Confidence and competency are intrinsically linked, they are not something you are born with, both can and should continue to be developed throughout your life.

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Kerry Ashbrook is an entrepreneur, business women, inspirational speaker, author, coach, corporate executive, investor and founder of Life You Choose. After a long and successful corporate career and achieving personal wealth through investment, Kerry is pursuing her passion to empower women in their lives to achieve financial independence and to live the life they choose.

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