Charlotte Kelly


Charlotte’s business specialises in beauty products that are handcrafted and poured from the best naturally sourced ingredients. Charlotte started her business a little over 1 year ago, originally making products in her kitchen and sending orders from her garage. The business has now grown and Charlotte produces and ships products to over 70 shops across Australia including selling to a well known franchise business, Salts of the Earth. She now has staff working with her as the business grows faster than she had ever imagined.


Charlotte has three lines within her business, beauty products, remedies and a range of herbal teas and lattes. From Earth sells products directly to customers from their website and also to gift shops, beauty salons and cafes that want to provide natural and organic products.



You have always been passionate about organic products, how did you turn this passion into a thriving business?

fromearth-40-reedI love what I do, I feel like this is what I was born to do. This gives me the energy to work at my business long after the children have gone to bed. It doesn’t feel like work, when you are doing what you love. I found something that ticked, something that made me feel proud and happy to share, something that I believe changes lives because it is organic and has no negative long-term impact on your health.



What has been your greatest challenge?

Overcoming the first year of expenses! Starting a business from scratch can be an expensive journey – but it can also become a very rewarding investment which it is finally becoming for me!




What’s the one thing you would advise women starting out in your industry or starting their own business?

My dad, who was a multimillionaire used to say to me “Life selects the people who truly want something from those who don’t”

I didn’t understand what he meant until I started my own business – now, I am constantly meeting competitors doing similar things but they haven’t grown as quickly as me. Why? Because I really want it! I am willing to work on it every day, putting money in it, risking it and pouring my heart and soul into what I do, because I love what I do! Find something you really want to do and set your goals (nothing is too high!).

If you really want it – you will get it! But make sure you know what it is that you want and what your goals are.


How can we support your business?

Connect with me on Facebook for any questions you may have regarding skincare – I love a good chat! Or find my stockists through my website where you can discover my products


How is From Earth celebrating Christmas?

You can access a 20% discount on my products, just enter ” LYC20 ” on my website  valid untill 26 of December 2017


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