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A Life Reinvented will show you how to navigate through the many stages of your life and achieve financial independence. 

With Kerry’s easy to read style, you will understand why getting ahead financially, especially for women, is so tough, but you can do it.

You will work out what YOU want for your life and how to get it. With practical steps to take, you will discover how small changes will put you in control of your life and money. Through real-life stories from inspiring women, you will understand some of the barriers that may have been holding you back and how to overcome them.

Following the path laid out, your choices for today will become more conscious. Are they leading you to the future you want for you and those you love tomorrow? No longer will you need to worry about your tomorrow, you will have choices that you never thought possible.

Most importantly, how do you navigate a system, that leads you to financial dependence? Especially where women earn less, do more unpaid work, leave work earlier, end up having less superannuation and live longer.

Women in their 50s are the fastest-growing demographic of homelessness in Australia. In this book, you will find out why and how to navigate the system that is stacked against us.

The earlier we start the better; but it is not too late, íf you start now!