What Are Your Personal Wealth Beliefs (and how a Datsun 180B changed mine)?

We all grow up with our individual stories, our parents and friends Personal Wealth stories and experiences influence our beliefs. Believing that something is possible is the first step towards making it happen. Why is it that some individuals, appear to come out of nowhere and become self-made women and men and others who were born with all of the opportunity in the world, somehow seem to waste their start in life and seemingly can’t get ahead?

What were you brought up to believe? I was fortunate to be brought up being told I could do anything I put my mind to, and while I knew early on that I had to look after myself financially, I also had an emotional support base that some others are not blessed with.

Even so, I am not sure I had a positive belief around money or Personal Wealth. It was more a desire that somehow in retirement, I did not want to be living in someone else’s house on a pension (that may not still be available by then) without the choice to live life as I chose.  This was the change I wanted to achieve: I wanted to write my own financial story and build my own personal wealth. I wanted more than I believed was actually possible at that point.

With my first major purchase being a car (my beautiful Datsun 180B, did anyone else have one of them?), funded by a loan from the bank, my belief in my ability to change my financial future began. I had made my first step towards changing my financial position and ultimately my car was a symbol of that for me.

Many years later (about eight), my desire led me to again question what I believed I could do. I did not want to be wasting money renting in the city, so instead I looked for affordable housing options. This turned out to be one of the best decisions when it came to achieving my personal wealth goals. I purchased a house and land package and started my financial empowerment journey. I started to believe that I could significantly change what I and the world expected I could achieve. I could change my story. Having purchased my 11th house, three years ago, I know I have achieved that.

What do YOU believe about your future personal wealth? Are your beliefs limiting what you are doing?

What is it that you do or don’t desire? Sometimes the motivation for change comes just as much from what we don’t want as it does from what we do. What is the Personal Wealth story that you desire? What is the Personal Wealth story you are going to write for yourself?

Are your beliefs yours? Or are they a reflection of others around you? If you think there may be some truth that they are a reflection of others, then consider those who have achieved what you desire… Why are they so different from you?

Spend time with those that believe in you and your dreams.

What are your Personal Wealth beliefs? Is this helping or hindering your Personal Wealth goal? Think of someone who has achieved or is on their way to achieving Personal Wealth by living the life they choose… how might this start to impact your beliefs?

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