Wealth is Not About Money

“Wealth is not about money, it is about freedom, it is about time and being able to live the way you choose”.

Understanding the reasons why women won’t create the wealth they need, is the very first step towards choosing to change this for you. Wealth is not something for the 1%, wealth is needed to live YOUR life, whatever life you choose, we cannot get away from the fact that we need money to live.

For too long we have shied away from talking about money and wealth.

We see the pursuit of wealth as something which is bad or even evil, we hear and tell stories to ourselves and others, that reinforce this and yes, of course money is NOT the most important thing in the world. The pursuit of money as an end, is meaningless and will not ultimately fulfill you.

Let’s be real though, wealth gives you choices in life that you may not have had, it can give you the freedom you desire and give you choices on how you can spend your time, hopefully with those you love. Discovering 5 reasons why women won’t create the wealth they need, you have time to change your reality, time to choose your life, time to live your true purpose!

  • Reason 1- We drink coffee!
  • Reason 2- You may even know what you want in life, but you don’t have a plan!
  • Reason 3- We don’t have the income!
  • Reason 4-Relationships don’t always work!
  • Reason 5-You need the right tribe!

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