Rachael Andrews

Today we start our series on Women Who Choose. We will be focusing on women who have actively made choices that have significantly changed their lives.

Our first amazing woman is Rachael Andrews. I met Rachael through some mutual friends and we had crossed paths a number of times at different social functions. It was only more recently that I heard Rachael’s inspirational story and knew that it was a story that needed to be shared.

We all have a story to tell, what I love about Rachael’s story is that she chose to change her life, Rachael (and Steve) believed that this was possible and did everything that was needed to make it happen, even though there must have been many times when it would have been easier to give up. When times got tough Rachael kept thinking about the big picture and why they were working so hard.

Read Rachael Andrews inspirational story here.

If you or someone you know has a story that should be shared email kerry@lifeyouchoose.com.au

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