Join our Book Tribe!

Join our Book Tribe today!

Somewhere along the way I stopped finding the time to read. I used to devour books and pretty much had my own personal library. I dreamt of owning a bookstore, one of those ones with a coffee shop. This was before they actually had bookstores with coffee shops, but mine would have had wine too and someone playing music in the back ground.

I would catch up with people, including those I was mentoring or coaching and be saying, ‘hey you should read this’. I would lend out books or just give them away. These books ranged from personal development, business, finance, biographies of inspiring people, the list goes on. Somewhere along the way my reading has slowed down, but chatting to one of my TRIBE today, we are going to change that!

Book Tribe

We are going to start our very own Life YOU Choose Book Tribe and sit down and review a book each month. You can order some of the books we love here, these books have already changed our lives, or are on the ‘to read’ list. We highly recommend you check them out!

If you have any suggestions we will feature these here, selecting one book each month to review, face to face or online, whichever suits you best. So if you are interested send your details through to and send through any suggestions you may have.


If you are wondering why being a part of our Book Tribe is such a GREAT idea, it was reinforced for me this weekend listening to Robert & Kim Kiyosaki (with 800 or so like-minded people), where they were talking to the Cone of Learning. If we read only 10% of what we read is remembered, where if we take part in a discussion 70% of what we say is remembered. So isn’t it time you took charge of your education?

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