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The Trudy Rice online business officially started about 2.5 years ago.  However, Trudy has been in business for many years.  Starting out as a fashion model, and also doing temp secretarial work on the side. Trudy loved textiles, but didn’t think she had talent in that area, so instead of doing her own textiles, Trudy enjoyed working with other talented designers.  Being a fashion model Trudy had many casting calls and many rejections, working in an industry where there are many highs and lows, Trudy learnt to run her own books and manage time efficiently.  Trudy finds running her own primarily online business is challenging in other ways but very rewarding.

For many years Trudy had been told that her work would be fabulous on fabric and we can now see why! homewares is a fabulous extension of her art, that we can now all enjoy.


Being a talented artist, does not necessarily translate into having a successful business. How have you have turned your passion for art into a thriving business?

My artwork starts as a drawing and then I work it into a solar plate etching which is then printed many times onto beautiful handmade papers.  Then I decide whether the work will go to a gallery. I am represented by Port Jackson Press Print Gallery in Smith Street, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop and Counterweave in Rome, Italy or photograph elements for my homewares.

I don’t mind working hard, so I would say persistence is definitely key to being successful.

I am learning all the time.  I have a mentor and a few online business support groups who have Facebook pages, which means I can ask questions when I’m not sure about something in my business.  It’s a great community of like minded people.


What has been your greatest challenge?

Trying to do it all.  The making, the marketing, the financials, the packaging. I’ve realised, I can’t do it all!

I’m slowly finding the right people for the right job, its imperative to do that and it takes time.


What’s the one thing you would advise women starting out in your industry or starting their own business?

If you have an idea and are passionate about it, you will find a way through the challenges.

You will need to work hard, sometimes long hours and you will need to like working on your own. Always try and find the balance with family and work and keep learning, the industry is changing so fast, especially the marketing side of things.


How can we support your business?

I feel most supported by being part of a great like minded community. Supporting small business, especially makers/artists, in small ways like purchasing a product and giving a testimonial, or even sharing a Facebook post, you never know who is listening and will click that link next.


cushionspearsHow are you celebrating Christmas?

 I have a collection designed especially for Christmas, to make your Christmas dinner setting truly wonderful. I am also offering a $100 gift voucher, which will be given away on Friday 15th December (look out for the FB post coming soon on Life You Choose to enter)

I currently have a 20% discount on all orders over $100 right now until 17 Dec. Enter my website through this link and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout:


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