Why support brands, that do not support us?

Women make 85% of purchase decisions, why on earth would we be supporting brands that do not support us?

With Christmas fast approaching and heading into our peak consumer spending period, it’s a great time to reflect on the brands that we are supporting and ask “are these brands supporting gender equality”? Most people habitually shop with and are loyal to just 10 brands. I have looked at my Top 10 brands on Femeconomy’s directory, and made some changes. The brands that are approved feature the Femeconomy badge, which means they meet the criteria of at least 30% female board directors or a minimum of 50% female ownership.

We want you to look up your Top 10 brands on  Femeconomy’s directory, and check whether they are Femeconomy approved. And if some aren’t, join me and make the switch to brands that are.

It is nearing the end of 2017 and I for one thought we would have been further advanced on gender equality. There was a time when it seemed we were making great strides forward, but now we are moving at a glacial pace.

Check out some of the feedback given to the Australian Institute Company Directors in 2016 for lack of representation on boards for women. I would have hoped these views were from the 1950s, but it seems we still have a long way to go. If organisations cannot find qualified women for boards, they are simply not looking hard enough and not serious about diversity and inclusion.

Money talks, what is your money saying about gender equality? Take the Femeconomy Pledge!

Read more about the Femeconomy Pledge.

Today I will be launching our “Women Who Choose Business” series. These will be stories about women who have taken the leap into the business world, they are role models for us all and are making our world a better place. Check back to hear their stories and see how you can support these women and get some great gifts for your family and friends!

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