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Sharon considers herself fortunate having now been able to combine her passion for investing in property with her career in property research and advisory at Performance Property Advisory. She now hopes to reach as many women as possible to help educate and inform them of the possibilities that exist by investing in property strategically and enable them to cut through all of the (mis)information that is out there in order to make well informed, strategic decisions, confidently.

Sharon wants to offer hope to people feeling stuck, overwhelmed and disheartened with the thought that they may never be able to buy their own home, by getting them to think outside the box and use strategic investing as the stepping stone to their dream home. Or for those already with their own home to be able to grow their wealth using property. It is all possible!

Sharon heads up the research division at Performance Property Advisory. As part of their ongoing service to clients, Sharon provides contemporary advice in a range of areas, including growth suburbs and regions, demographics and employment rates and proposed infrastructure developments. The macro and micro research that is collated and interpreted provides the foundation for solid investment decisions.

Sharon has recently started a podcast, The Property Pineapple as part of the Performance Property Data platform. Sharon interviews real investors and asks them about their successes, mistakes and sacrifices and learns about their dreams and their ‘why’.

Tell us about your property investment journey so far?

I purchased my first property in Brisbane in 2003 from a classified ad in the back of the paper, I had not done any research and didn’t really have a clue. My due diligence consisted of walking through the property and knowing that it ‘had a good feeling’. I was lucky, the property was 4km from the city it turned out to be a solid investment.

In 2012, I purchased my second property in Brisbane, this time a development site. This one was a very steep learning curve, with many ups and downs and ‘never again’ moments, the experience catapulted my love of market and property research into what it is today – not just a side hobby but formal study and a full time professional career in property research and advisory.

I moved to Melbourne with my husband and then four-year-old daughter at the end of 2015, to begin work at Performance Property. By this stage I was aware of the different property cycles and made the decision not to purchase property in Melbourne. Melbourne was approaching the top of its growth cycle, so I looked elsewhere, to markets that were at the bottom of their cycle and about to begin their next growth stage. This led me in 2016, to purchase a property in Adelaide, 5kms from the CBD and in 2017 I used the equity available from the capital growth achieved in the Adelaide property since purchase to purchase in Ballarat Central.











Sounds like you have learnt a lot along the way?

I can look back on my investing mistakes without regret and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today, literally! I’m living in Melbourne, loving my career and helping other women get the information they need to invest confidently and strategically to build wealth for their future.

Yes I have learnt a lot along the way. I bought at the top of the cycle, sold at the bottom, I didn’t know what information was relevant and what was not and didn’t know who to trust or who to go to for advice.

I now have a plan and strategy for my property investment, something that was missing for the first two purchases. I want all women to believe that they can do the same – with the right advice and by taking action (no matter how small that first step is).

I work alongside a team of property experts with over 60 years of experience in the property industry between them. This has given me the confidence, knowledge, vision and passion to encourage all women to invest in property strategically to build their wealth.

So, the passion to help women grow their wealth, has really come from your own property journey?
Yes, I made mistakes in my investment journey and it has been these mistakes that propels my passion to encourage, assist and advise others looking to create wealth through investing in property. The mistakes I made, has also brought about my love of data and research. This research now lays the foundation for all my investment decisions and I want others to have the benefit of what I now know.

Who has been your biggest support, in your property investment journey?
My husband has been alongside me throughout all the wins and losses, he will be the first to say, he has no interest in property investment. He is more than supportive but…..

I knew that if we were to change the course of our financial future, I needed to take things into my own hands, to make the choices and tough decisions and get the education needed to succeed, which I have.

What advice would you give to women who are looking to invest?

If there is one piece of advice I would give to someone looking to begin or further their property investing, it would be to get professional advice! Further still, to work alongside someone you can trust. Develop a plan for the short, medium and long term and to minimise risk as much as possible. If I had this advice when I was younger, I believe it could have saved me close to $100,000.

You can check out Sharon’s podcasts and her LinkedIn profile  and Sharon’s Performance Property organisation or follow the Property Pineapple Instagram account.



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