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Whether we like it or not, our lives today and our future self is dependent on income. We hear about the gender pay gap and this absolutely needs fixing, but with income, there is so much more we need to understand and address.

We all go through various life stages, starting out completely financially dependent on our parents, to moving out of home and having to become financially independent in our twenties and living our own lives.

Then we create financial interdependence within our relationships, over time though, this can often take us back to being financially dependent, through the decisions we make, career breaks, becoming parents ourselves, caring for others, or any number of unforeseen life events.

A time to build…

As women, there is a lot going on in our lives between 25-54 years and these are also our three core earning decades. This is where we establish our career, settle down, mostly get married, have children, buy a house, build our super and grow mother-daughterinvestments. It sounds exhausting and often it is.

This is also when our financial independence, interdependence or dependence, is determined.

By the time we reach 55, we want to have choices, choices on where we live, who we live with and how and when we work.

But what if….

But what if as women, during these critical earning decades, it is only around 11% of us that earn the full-time average weekly wage or above (around $83k)?

What if around 44% of us during these critical years, only had income between $20 to $31k, which means a major percentage of us are already living on the equivalent of the single pension, or below. With less than 40% identifying as working full time during these years, it is little wonder that our ability to have financial independence is slipping away.

Without income, we don’t build our superannuation, we can’t access debt (to buy our own home, or build wealth) and we are financially dependent. We cannot determine our own future. We can feel trapped, like we have no control in our own life. We cannot live the life we choose. It is time for all women to engage in financial conversations.

What advice would you give your daughter, your niece, your sister, or your friend? What future are you planning?pregnant-mother-and-daughter

Is it time to join the #FinancialMovement?


The financial movement is to create individual and collective awareness and action for all women to take control of their financial destiny!


Data source: Census 2016



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