Why do we have to choose between money and …….

Every day we are bombarded with images of the fantastic lives of the rich and famous, or images of our friends and family leading what looks like fabulous lives. We have these fabulous lives on social media (they are not real, I hope you know that?), where we go on fantastic holidays, we buy shiny new  cars, we have fabulous outfits (that we show off with our latest hair do). All of this costs money (and may not be the best use of our hard earned dollars, but I will save that for another post).

But when it comes to actually talking about money, how to make money, the importance of financial independence and how to protect and grow our assets and money, the discussion takes a rather downhill turn. It seems that while we have no qualms in flaunting how we waste (sorry did I say waste, actually no not sorry), or spend our hard earned cash, having a real conversation about how to have money now and in our future, seems a bit of a dirty conversation!

It seems this turns into an either/or conversation. Do you want happiness or money? Do you want your health or money? Why does this have to be a choice? Why can’t you live a life with meaning, be happy, be healthy and have money? Why can’t you be an amazing person who has money? Don’t get me wrong the pursuit of money for the sake of money, would be a very empty life, but that’s not what I am talking about.

When I wrote my ebook, The Top 5 Reasons Why 95% of Women Won’t Create the Wealth They Need, I was searching for some positive quotes about money. I couldn’t find any so I made my own:

Wealth is not about money, it is about freedom, time and being able to live the way you choose.

Now really who doesn’t want that? More freedom, more time and to live YOUR life the way YOU choose?

In Australia, it seems that we are even less able to be successful with money. We love the under dog story (and who doesn’t), she came from nowhere and created this amazing life, but…. if she is really successful, at some point she will most likely be seen as taking it just a bit too far! Words like a bit too ambitious, start to get thrown around and suddenly she doesn’t seem so ‘nice’. Come on, really?

Why don’t we just celebrate with those who have been amazingly successful and learn from them? Have real conversations on how they achieved what they have, understand their challenges and failures (they had them, yes really they did) and then get on and have a go ourselves. These amazingly successful people, will most likely be our biggest cheer leaders.

So find the people in your lives that have done well (if no-one in your life has, go searching for someone you don’t yet know) and then go and have a conversation, learn to be comfortable talking about money. Learn how to build your assets (most likely you may need to tone down your social media life, but I can guarantee if you stop wasting your money and start building real assets, your real life will get better!). So yes there are choices to be made, but you do not have to choose between being happy, being healthy or having money.

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