Hangover #3: A Hangover from Not Enough Christmas Fitness

During the lead up to Christmas we’re taking time to highlight 5 key Christmas hangovers—and how to avoid them—to jump start your journey to a better ‘you’ in 2017!

If you missed hangover #1 or #2 be sure to read them, too!

Hangover #3: A Hangover from Not Enough Christmas Fitness
Even if we have been good all year (or not), the Christmas season is often the time when we let go of those exercise habits. Along with potentially over eating and drinking, this is the perfect recipe for piling on those kilos and dropping your fitness level, making it even harder to get back into shape in the New Year.

Hangover Cures:

  • Don’t use the holidays as an excuse: Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean we should not prioritise our health. Let’s focus this December and stay motivated to achieving our fitness goals. Tip: Scheduling an early morning gym session may be just the trick to keep you in check the night before.
  • Recruit a buddy: Christmas is a good time to enlist a like-minded friend to keep you on track when it comes to maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. Plus, if you have someone with you, it will help you look forward to your exercise session and make it feel less like hard work!
  • Make your catch ups physical: Instead of going for drinks, how about meeting up for a walk, heading to the beach or jogging around a park? Find a walking track and enjoy the fresh air and the company of good friends.

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