Hangover #4: Not enough time with your tribe

During the lead up to Christmas we’re taking time to highlight 5 key Christmas hangovers—and how to avoid them—to jump start your journey to a better ‘you’ in 2017!

If you missed hangover #1, #2 or #3 be sure to check them out, too!


Hangover #4: Not enough time with your tribe
Each year there are people that we may prefer not to spend time with, but for whatever reason (they may even be our family or the in-laws), during the festive season we may need to see them. Instead of spending time with the tribe that support us and lift us up, we can end up spending way too much time with those that do just the opposite. These people could be complete energy drainers or at the extreme, quite toxic. Now is a great time to think about who your tribe is and who you should be spending your time with.


Hangover Cures:

  • Put yourself first and avoid them all together (ok sometimes that can’t be done) or minimise the time you spend in their company. It is a busy time, which is a perfect reason to have to limit your time and head to your next event.
  • Take a friend with you, someone who can be a buffer, or just ensure your exposure is minimized.
  • Spend more time with the tribe you love, this is the season where if we can have some time out, we can then choose to spend it with the really important people in our lives. The ones who build us up (as we do them),that support our dreams, that we love spending time with and we can take a breath and just be with them.

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