What were your Sliding Door moments? Is it time for another?

You know the moments when you decided to go left instead of right. Defining moments and choices you made years ago that brought you to where you are today.

Sometimes we don’t even realise, the choice to continue as we are, can be just as defining as the choice to change.

It could be a job we went after or chose not to go for, a house we did/didn’t buy, a relationship we stayed in or left, starting a family?

Often, we don’t realise the significance of our choices until much, much later.

We don’t realise that what we are doing right now, today, could be that defining moment.

When I look back now, one of my sliding door moments came from a conversation about a job opportunity. It was time to move on, even though a big part of me didn’t really want to. Even though I didn’t know it, much later that decision would lead to a successful corporate career. Something I would never have seen for myself at the time.

The next defining moment was deciding to buy a house and land package in the western suburbs. It was time to move to the city and I had the choice to rent, but chose to knuckle down and buy my first home, not where I necessarily wanted to live, but where I could afford to. This ultimately led me to become a property investor, again not something I had thought or planned to be.

The next defining moment was the decision to move to Perth, although the reason I moved had nothing to do with my job, in fact at the time I thought I would quit, but instead my manager talked me into trying for a transfer. This ended up being the best career move I could ever have made.

I met some amazing people, who have become mentors and dear friends, they helped build my confidence, by having faith in me and showing me what was possible. You need to find your tribe, the sky is the limit.

You need to find a place where the view is greater than what you have seen before #nolimits #lifeyouchoose.

There have been many more defining moments that have changed the course of my life, choices to move towards something different or choices to stay, some made consciously, others not.

Is there a job you know you should leave, or a job you should be going for? Is it time for a career or business change? Are you treading water or moving forward? Are you in a relationship that you know is not right for you? Are you investing in your personal or career development? What is your dream for the future? Do you need a life and financial independence plan?

What have been your sliding door moments? Did you know they were at the time?

 Is it time to create another sliding door moment?


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